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Terms of Service

Disclaimer & Terms of Service

If you require any more information or have any questions about our site’s disclaimer, please feel free to contact us by email at


General Information

All the information on this website is posted under good faith and for general information purposes only. We do not provide any warranties about the completeness, reliability and accuracy of such information. We would also like to inform you that any action taken against any information on this website is on your own risk and we are not liable for any losses/damages with any connection to any data posted in this website.

Data Ownership

We are required by design to obtain data from 3rd Party or Governmental sources. We do not claim ownership over any such content and will try out best to cite these sources through mediums like embedded services, links to the original/obtained source and physically citing their channel/blog/site/creator names in the post.

If you feel that any material posted on out website does not give credit to its original owners then please contact us through email, or leave a comment below that respective post, before moving to others methods. We shall do our best to show your contributions towards these posts or remove them if you wish to do so, given that you are able to prove your ownership through any digital or physical media.

The Website contains several original illustrations to affiliate its brand, the logo and the banner are the sole property of its owners, any sort of reproduction or marketing done with these content are frowned upon and are protected under copyright laws by its owners, therefore we are able to legally take down or go for more adverse actions if deemed appropriate.

Data Collection

The Website is hosted by, and they may display Ad Services throughout the website, the creators claim no relation to these Ads and are mostly displayed by services that use web cookies and cache to customize such content based on your internet activity. Such services may record your cookies and internet data, you shall be prompted to acknowledge it when attempting to enter the website, please refer to Privacy Policies for more information.

We may collect some data from for ensuring our services meet the required standards. We mainly collect data for

  • Enrollment/Unenrollment of Users in Newsletter or Feed Updates.
  • Statistics and Marketing Data.
  • For betterment of provided services.

We only collect data that are appropriate for the above given reasons, the types of data collected are

  • Name
  • Location
  • Email Address
  • Device Details
  • Browser Details/Configurations.

Any data we collect will not be sold or provided to any 3rd party services without your prior permission.

You can always disable these collection methods by selecting the sent data cookies or by disabling them altogether, the method to do so will be found on the website/Manual/Help command of your browser.

3rd Party Services

The website is intended as knowledge sharing platform, we may obtain data from several 3rd Party sources or Governmental portals, we hold no liability over the contents that these sources or portals may contain. The website contains several embedded services that may posses 3rd party scripts, we are not responsible for any actions done by these services, we try our best to ensure the content we post is of high quality and from respected sources. At certain events the original creator of the links or embedded services might changer or modify the end data, we hold the final authority to takedown a link or an embedded service if it does not operate by our standards. The criteria by which a link/Service is unqualified to be posted on this website are:

  • Clicking or entering the link, will lead you to an inappropriate page
  • Clicking the link leads to malware or digital security threats
  • The end data is no longer accurate
  • The end Data is no longer adequate to convey its initial use

Our website does not conduct a malware scan on any posted 3rd party content, therefore, use them at your risk only, we are not responsible for any damages/costs you may incur from following those links

3rd party content may ask for extra costs for operating their services, we are not responsible for any such costs that may incur. Please be also aware that when you leave our website, other sites may have different privacy policies and terms which are beyond our control. Please be sure to check the Privacy Policies of these sites as well as their “Terms of Service” before engaging in any business or uploading any information.

User Interaction.

The website has a fully powered comments and a sharing section, we intend to use them as a platform to hear from you and can also be a powerful venue to share your thoughts with others on the website. We would like all of our users to abide by the bellow terms while using this section.

  • Please make sure the comment is relevant to the post
  • Ensure you do not harm anyone in your comment
  • You can use the comment section to tell us how to better out services
  • Do not add bad or foul language in your post.
  • Ensure all your comments are in English.
  • The comment section can be used to interact with us if the interaction is relevant to the post, any other form of interaction should be done through our email.

if we feel that any post is inappropriate for being displayed in the website or does not abide by the above rules, then we hold the authority to take down the comment.

We truly wish that all users have a fantastic experience browsing our website, but we ask to be cautious and understanding in your actions. We Sha’s Life Science Academy ( )( is a venue to share data, the choice or the power to make the final decision about your future remains with you. Thank you for taking time to go through our terms of service and we wish you abide by it.


By using our website, you hereby consent to our disclaimer and agree to its terms.


This site disclaimer was last updated on: 04/07/2019 . Should we update, amend or make any changes to this document, those changes will be prominently posted here.

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