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78 Project Fellow Jobs @ Bharathiar University

Bharathiar University Invites Application for the following Project Fellow Positions to work under RUSA 2.0

16Dr. K. ChitraAssistant ProfessorBotanyBeautification of Bharathiar University campus using available ornamental flora and establishment of organic terrace garden1Plant Ecology / Organic Terrace Garden
17Dr. P. GurusaravananAssistant ProfessorBotanyDevelopment and evaluation of Bio-controlling agent for sustainable agriculture production1Plant Tissue Culture / Bio Formulation
18Dr. K. VasanthAssistant ProfessorBotanyIn vitro propagation and anti-cancer investigation of Gloriosa superba L.-“Lab to Land”; A conservative approach1Plant Genetic Engineering 
19Dr. Rupa GunaseelanProfessor & Director i/cBSMEDFacilitating the green mission by Marketing of E-Vaahan through innovative green advertisment strategies1Strategic Management and Corporate Social Responsibility
20Dr. V. RamanujamProfessorBSMEDE-Waste Management: An Entrepreneurial Approach For Creating Awareness And Opportunities For College Students1MBA (IS) / MCA
21Dr. T. SelvarajuAssociate ProfessorChemistryDevelopment & Commercialization of High Tensile Strength Bioplastics1Chemistry / Biodegradable Polymer
22Dr. M. DhanabakyamProfessorCommerceProposal for Conduct of Career and Entrepreneurship Development programme for Commerce Students in Coimbatore District1Commerce
23Dr. M. SumathyProfessor & HeadCommerceSkill Development programmee in Digital Marketing1Marketing / Digital Marketing
24Dr. M. JegadeeshwaranAssistant ProfessorCommerceFinancial Training and Tax Computation and Statutory Compliances for Indian Business1Finance and Taxation
25Dr. V. BhuvaneswariAssociate ProfessorComputer ApplicationsSmart Technological Framework for Auditing Public Toilets : Swachh Bharat1IOT and Big Data Analytics
26Dr. T. DeviProfessor & HeadComputer ApplicationsDigital Career and Entrepreneurship hub1Entrepreneurship and Career Hub
27Dr. M. PunithavalliProfessorComputer ApplicationsGround water preservation against soil contamination using machine learning algorithms1Machine learning
28Dr. R. RajeswariAssociate ProfessorComputer ApplicationsSmart video surveillance system1Digital Image Processing
29Dr. T. AmudhaAssociate ProfessorComputer ApplicationsDesign of novel cropping patterns for yield maximization and ecology conservation using swarm intelligent techniques1Bio Inspired Computing / Artificial Intelligence 
30Dr. J. SatheeshkumarAssociate ProfessorComputer ApplicationsEmotional Behavior Analysis of Human Using Electroencephalography Based Brain Patterns1Image processing
31Dr. E. ChandraProfessor & HeadComputer ScienceAdvanced Mobile Application Based Speaker Recognition Using Age and Gender Classification for Forensic Investigation1Speech Recognition, Signal Processing
32Dr. G. SingaraveluProfessor & HeadEducationDeveloping Multi Media Package on Motivation and Knowledge Retention towards Students1Education
33Dr. M. ParthasarathyAssistant ProfessorEducation TechnologyEstablishing Career and Entrepreneurship Hub Nurturing Bharathiar University Graduates in the Career and Entrepreneur Skills required for E-Learning Services Industry1E-learning
34Dr. R. Saravana SelvanProfessor & HeadEnglishPublic Speaking and Presentation Skills1ELT / Literature / Soft Skill
35Dr. B. PadmanabhanAssistant ProfessorEnglishAcademic and Technical Writing Training1Academic, Technical and Creative Writing
36Dr. G. VinothkumarAssistant ProfessorEnglishSoft Skills Centre1Indian Writing in English
37Dr. M. Ashitha VargheseAssistant ProfessorEnglishCognitive and Culture- based Technological Design to Enhance Reading Comprehension of Post-graduate Learners English Language and Literature
38Dr. M. KasirajanAssistant ProfessorEnglishCareer Skills for Humanities Students1English Language and Literature
39Dr. V. David Arputha RajAssistant ProfessorEnglishContent Writing1English Language Teaching
40Dr. P. NagarajAssociate ProfessorEnglishMultimedia Material Production Centre for MOOC1ICT Application and Teaching
41Dr. B. Sathya PriyaAssistant ProfessorEnvironmental SciencesSynthesis of eco friendly human safe antimicrobial natural pigments alternative to synthetic dyes using agro waste by novel bacteria isolated from Western Ghats and bioprospecting their applications in Textile and Medical Textile Industries1Environmental Microbial Biotechnology, Environmental Science, Environmental Microbiology, Environmental Biotechnology and Life Sciences 
42Dr. L. Arul PragasanAssistant ProfessorEnvironmental SciencesEffect of climate change on growth and yield Of selected legume crops vigna radiata, Trigonella foenum-graecum, glycine max1Environmental Ecology
43Dr. R. RajkumarAssistant ProfessorEnvironmental SciencesInvestigation on the bioflocculant potential of exopolysaccharide obtained from cyanobacteria1Life Sciences / Environmental Science
44Dr. P. SiddhurajuProfessor & HeadEnvironmental SciencesBioresource Potential of Lesser Utilised Crop Species,1Bioresource Technology
45Dr. A. ManimekalanProfessorEnvironmental SciencesClimate change and its impacts on fish biodiversity and conservation of thrented fishes of southern western guards1Fish Taxonomy/ molecular taxonomy/Fish Habitat Study/Environmental Science / Zoology / Biotechnology 
46Dr. A. VimalaProfessorExtension, Career Guidance & Students WelfareSkill assessment and global competency certificate for Arts and Science graduates with Sector Skill Councils1Manangement / Career Guidance
47Dr. R. SivasamyAssistant ProfessorHuman Genetics and Molecular BiologyFormulating the suitable supplements to overcome nutritional deficiency in sickle cell disease patients1Life Sciences / Human Genetics / Biotechnology / Molecular Biology
48Dr.V. BalachandarAssistant ProfessorHuman Genetics and Molecular BiologyNovel drug targeting approach using human induced pluripotent stem cell (hiPSCs) of Rett Syndrome (RTT)1Zoology / Human Genetics / Life Sciences
49Dr. S. SundarabaluAssistant ProfessorLingusticsDeveloping a Trilingual E-Dictionary and Accent Traing Module for Tribal Students Living in Coimbatore region1Applied Linguistics
50Dr. V.M. SubramanianAssistant Professor & Head i/cLinguisticsEmpowering Tribal People of Western Ghats: an Applied Study towards Enhancing General Awareness on Education, Health and Career1Language and Application
51Dr. S. VijayakumarAssistant ProfessorMedical PhysicsInvestigation of opto-electronic properties of metallopolyynes for molecular wire applications1Physics
52Dr. C.S. SurekaAssistant ProfessorMedical PhysicsNanodosimeter For Early Detection Of Cancer From Exhaled Air1Medical Physics
53Dr. V. Brindha PriyadarisiniAssistant ProfessorMicrobial BiotechnologyMedicated Lip Balm From Marine Actinobacterial Pigments1Prospecting compounds from active bacteria
54Dr. K. PreethiAssistant ProfessorMicrobial BiotechnologyBiofertilizer and Aqua Feed Formulation utilizing Tannery Fleshings Through Microbial Fermentation1Microbial Biotechnology / Microbiology
55Dr. M. GnanadesiganAssistant ProfessorMicrobial BiotechnologyZero waste utilization and prototype development for the treatment of the textile dyes using the agro waste of Musa sps. – A Green technology approach1Natural Product Research
56Dr. G. KapildevAssistant ProfessorMicrobial BiotechnologyOptimization of invitro culture and mass production of diterpene glycosides from Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni for commercialization.1Plant Biotechnology / Plant Tissue Culture
57Dr. P. SakthivelProfessorNanoscience and TechnologyRemoval Of Heavy Metals From Industrial Effluents Using Nano Activated Carbon Prepared Using Agro Based Materials1Chemistry
58Dr. C. ViswanathanAssociate ProfessorNanoscience and TechnologyDevelopment and Fabrication of Wearable Sensors for Point of Care Devices1Nanomaterials / Sensors / Thin Films
59Dr. R. T. RajendrakumarProfessorNanoscience and TechnologyDevelopment of sewer manhole sensors1Physics / Materials Science / Nanoscience and Technology
60Dr. P. P. VijayaProfessorNanoscience and TechnologyVinblastine‐Loaded Super paramagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for Combined Cancer Imaging and Therapy1Cancer Biology / Life Sciences / Chemistry / Nanoscience and Technology
61Dr. P. PremasudhaAssistant ProfessorNanoscience and TechnologyNanostructured Zinc Oxide Incorporated Chitosan / Gelatin Hydrogel Composite for Biomedical Applications1Life Sciences / Nanoscience and Technology
62Dr. A.M. BallamuruganAssistant ProfessorNanoscience and TechnologyDevelopment of Nanocurcumin based chemopreventive and Neuroprotective formulation for supportive care Therapy1Materials Chemistry
63Dr. R. AnnaduraiAssociate ProfessorPhysical EducationDetermining physical fitness, Body composition of deaf and dumb children and implecating hatha yoga practices, muscle fitness programmes and zumba training on selected physical, physiological and psychological variables on them1Deaf and Dump Special Education / M. P. Ed.
64Dr. Y.L.JeyachandranAssistant ProfessorPhysicsEstablishment of Technology Business Incubator Centre for the Development and Manufacture of Photovoltaic Cells and Modules1Physics
65Dr. D. NatarajProfessorPhysicsFabrication of perovskite oxide based prototype ultra-sensitive (10ppb) acetone sensor for noninvasive diabetic diagnosis1Physics
66Dr. R. ShankarAssistant ProfessorPhysicsTailoring of new Silicon based electrode materials for the absorption of Na+,SO2 and CO2 towards Metal-Air Battery Applications – A Theoretical Study1Physics
67Dr. K. SureshAssistant ProfessorPhysicsDevelopment of Plasma Based Technology for Purification of Contaminated Water1Physics
68Dr. N. AnnalakshmiProfessorPsychologyStudents Mindful Leadership Program1Psychology
69Dr. S. ElaiyarajaAssistant ProfessorTamilKongu Traditional Games awarness Campaign1Folklore, Tamil Literature
70Dr. S. AnanthavelAssistant ProfessorTamilSangam Poetry App1Sangam Literature / Tamil Computing
71Dr. K. AmuthaAssistant ProfessorTextiles and Apparel DesignDesign and Development of Eco Friendly Soft Toys1Soft Toys
72Dr. Zenetta RosalineProfessor & DirectorWomen‟s studiesEntrepreneurial Skill Development for the Financial Empowerment of Marginalized/Destitute Women in Coimbatore District1Women Empowered Skill Development
73Dr. K. MuruganProfessor & HeadZoologyHesperitin Loaded Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Induced Apoptotic Cell Death through Upregulation of GADD45 gene in Multi Drug Resistant Human Breast Cancer Cells and Post operative Patients: An Improved stem cell system for cancer therapy1Division Entomology
74Dr. V. RamasubramanianProfessorZoologySetting up of demonstration hatchery for edible and ornamental fish culture for the upliftment of Self help group members and Aquaculture farmers1Aquatic Biotechnology
75Dr. P. SaravanabhavanProfessorZoologyDevelopment of “Smart” Anti-obesity Drug for Longer and Healthier Life1Crustacean Biology
76Dr. M. RameshProfessorZoologyEcotoxicological Risk Assessment Of Antibiotics In Aquatic Ecosystem: A Multi Biomarker Approach1Toxicology
77Dr. T. MuralisankarAssistant ProfessorZoologyAssessment Of The Effects Of Co2 Driven Seawater Acidification On Natural Fish Food Organism Artemia Fransiscana- A Climate Change Perspective1Aquatic Ecology
78Dr. N. ArulAssistant ProfessorZoologyScreening of Epigenetic Modification and Drug Targeting Sp1 in Ovarian Cancer (OC) Patients – A Novel Therapeutic Approach1Zoology / Human Genetics / Life Sciences

Educational Qualification: PG Degree in the concerned discipline with NET/SET/CSIR-NET/Ph. D. preferred.                                                                                                             

Period: For 5 Months (01.02.2020 to 30.06.2020)                                                                    

Fellowship: INR 20000/Per Month (Consolidated)                                                                   

How to Apply: Interested candidates submit their application in the attached format by email to “” in advance. On the day of the interview, the candidates must produce one set of self attested copies of all certificates and original certificates in proof of their educational qualifications and experience and a recommendation letter from the Head of the Department/Institution where last studied/worked. No TA & DA will be provided for attending the interview.

Last Date for Submission of Application: 20th January 2020





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