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Job Title                           Assistant Manager-Supplier Quality Assurance | Asia Sourcing Team (AST)

Segment                          Mars Petcare Asia Sourcing team

Function                          Commercial

Job Level                         T1

Location/Site                  Hyderabad Petcare Plant

Reporting Manager       APAC SQA Director

Job Purpose/Overview

The Supplier Quality Assurance role undertakes the SQA process with suppliers to proactively ensure that the Quality Systems are in place to enable the delivery of all materials to Mars manufacturing facilities to specification. The role has 3 main purposes; the assessment and improvement of a supplier’s capability to meet specification, to ensure the resolution of non-conforming material issues and the technical development of the supply base to meet future requirements.

Key Responsibilities

  • Performing the Mars Q&FS Audit of a supplier facility in Asia
  • Assessment of a suppliers capability to meet Mars standards of Supply
  • Confirmation that a suppliers analytical data is acceptable
  • Assessment and confirmation that a supplier has robust process capability to meet the Mars Specification consistently
  • Support the supplier to investigate and resolve material non-conformances
  • Responsible for calculation of MQM metrics to understand and improve the Q&FS of the supply base
  • Confirm the supplier hazard controls are working effectively throughout the inbound pipeline and are accurately documented in the MRA
  • Ensure that the full verification program derived from the MRA is operating effectively
  • Responsibly communicate business opportunities identified during supplier conversations/visits
  • Maintenance and ownership of ASL
  • Global stakeholder and receiving BUs management
  • Global Sourcing MSSM support
  • Global Essential DiB project support
  • Simplification and Standardization support
  • Organization/Team support


  • Defining the batch size (or extent) of all the material hazards;
  • Defining hazards added by the supplier;
  • Establishing the effectiveness of all the supplier hazard controls;
  • Supporting suppliers Q&FS systems & process capability development;
  • Defining the supplier’s capability to deliver materials to specification;


  • Ensuring suppliers have addressed causes for non-conformances
  • Performing Q&FS performance reviews with suppliers
  • Performing Q&FS audits with suppliers


  • Changes to MRA’s and Material Specifications


  • Inbound verification testing performance

Job Specifications/Qualifications

1. Education & Professional Qualification

Tertiary qualifications in Science, Agricultural science, Engineering, Food technology Chemistry or other related disciplines

2. Knowledge/Experience

3+ years of experience in food-related industry, project management experience.

Mars Leadership Competencies

  • Standing alone
  • Dealing with ambiguity
  • Stakeholder Management  

Key Functional Competencies & Technical Skills  

Auditing & systems, Mars QMP & Standards, MQM Standard & SQA Process, Process Capability & Statistical evaluation, Material sciences, Process technologies, Customer certifications, Laboratory management


*The contents are taken from MARS official website



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