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NIAB Life Science Internship & Training Programme

Advertisement No. 20/2019

Seeking Application for Project Internship/Post-graduate Training Programme/ Project Work/ Dissertation Work: for Six Months at NIAB

The Institute provides opportunities for exceptional students to carry out project work under the oversight of the Institute’s scientists towards partial fulfilment of their Undergraduate/postgraduate degrees (of at least SIX months’ duration; Session II: July -December). Following procedure should be followed by interested students.


Students That Are pursuing undergraduate/master degree (e.g. B. Tech, MSc, MVSc, MTech, Integrated master students, etc. in their final year) could apply.

How to Apply:

The request has to come from the Head of Department and has to provide the academic resumes of the recommended student(s) clearly specifying percentage marks obtained at various levels and the Subjects covered, in addition to the period of proposed project work. The candidate will be chosen based on his/her experience and the need for NIAB research. The committee decision will be final and not subject to any legal issues.

Applicants need to mention their broad area of interest in the application form but the distribution of Laboratory Will be based on the requirement of individual PIs.

Applications for January-June Session will be accepted from 3rd October to 2nd November by 5 PM.

Just selected students will be informed by 15th November for January-June Session. Late applications won’t be considered. Candidates should fill online application form at

Candidates are advised to fill out the Online application form in sufficient time prior to the final date to prevent last-minute technical issues.

The Institute won’t provide any accommodation at the campus. The trainee could make his/her own Arrangements for lodging, boarding and travelling during the period of the work.

There are no fixed numbers available annually but requests are considered on the basis of available vacancies.



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